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what is Life(How to live)

 what is life:

when we talk about life the first thing which we have to know is that life is a very beautiful word and as well as its very beautiful meaning

life is not about money and problems, yeah problems and money are parts of life but not life so you should have to remember one thing is that life mean open heart

life means to live free from heart from mind. The definition of life is different from every person. some thinks that life is very beautiful and some think that

life is too much difficult.

How to live a happy and stress free life

once a time a live in a very stress full and boring life and all time full of depression but with the passage of time i learn to live happy and stress free life.

In this blog i am going to share with you some tips and tricks with all of you, how you live happy life

1.Forget your past:.

The most important thing to live a happy life the most important thing to live free and happy is to forget your past.May be your past had some cruel things

and sometime your past had some beautiful things or memory if you not forget your past you even live in past, you will never joy your life. so the most important 

thing is that you should have to forget your past, it absolutely helps you and it helps me also

2.Live in present:

So those people live in there present they become very happy in their lives. And those who are not live in their present they always in depression

and also destroy their present. so if you want to live a depression free life then you should have to live in present/

3.stop comp-arising:

when you compare yourself with anyone you totally lost yourself. you lose your personality, as well as you lose your identity. Those who compare their 

self with others they are all live in depression, because everyone has a unique quality which other have not for example a person who run 1 kilometre and the other one

run 2 milometer daily when you compare yourself with him you definitely go in depression. so my advice to you is stop compare yourself.

4.stop your exceptions:

you should have to stop this most devil thing is that expecting from others when you expect anything from others and they fail to fulfill your

expect. you go in depression and frustration because you expect that he will fulfill you expectation. when we expect things we own our own go in depression. so I learn 

this art and now i am live a very happy life. If you want to live a happy life then you should have to learn this art

5. Make goals in life:

A person who has a goal in his life he is very happy because he knows what he has to do, on the other hand a person who does not know what 

he should have to do always live life on the sayings of others, he will definitely go in depression. Those who has goals they have very few or little time to think

about those things which brings them in depression. so my advice to all of you who reads my blog make a goal in your life what ever it maybe. it maybe to become rich

or maybe get 80% marks in or top in class. 

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