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How to stop negativity

How to stop negativity

Here i am going to tell you the most important and useful tips 

1.Reason behind negativity

The first thing or tip for stop thinking negativity is, we should have to understand the reason behind the negativity which we are facing. some time we are negative

due to useless and meaningless thinking which plays no role in our life. some time we adopt negativity by overthinking. so we if we really wants to stop negativity then

we should have to first we should have to discover the reason behind our negative thinking, and also stop overthinking.

2. Keep Positive Company 

The 2nd  and the most important thing which really helpful keep positive company. Most and more negativity comes by our negative company which we join or, in which

company we live. when sit or live in a negative company we automatically fall in negativity so we should have to join positive company and be positivity  and being stop to

be member of a negative company.

3.Physically Throw Them Away

The most useful and helpful tip is throw them as physically. for example someone who plays a very bad and negative role in your life for which you fall in negativity.

so you should have to have to physically throw them away. when you Throw him away you will automatically feel well because the negativity come form him or her or when you

let him or her go from your you automatically feel positive and stop from negativity.

4. Writing and Destroying

The fourth and the most important thing which i use in my life when ever i feel negative in my life.I get a paper and a pencil and write down the things which brings

negativity. in this way i come to know my self and write down the solution which i make . and some of the negativity are useless and  no exist.

5. Just Because

The last and the most important thing which helps lot of people to overcome from negativity which are the excuse which we give to ourselves which is just because. This

is the most useless thing what we should have to do overcome from negativity is not to give excuses to ourselves

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