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Who i am and why i started blogging

who i am and why i start this

Assalam-u- allaikum 

                                  To all my lovely friends My name is sharjeel chohan and i am from lahore, Pakistan. I am student of law and inshAllah my session will be complete after covid 19 so come to the point.    today i am going to tell you why i am going to start this blog. there are lot of reasons behind this but one and the most important reason is this i am very passionate about writing i used my lot of time in writing or reading 

so I used my lot of time in reading or writing once i put my writing register on table and a child who is my nephew picked from there and tore into pieces i lost my lot of my important data....
I become very angry but what would i do.... 2 ,3 days i was very sad but suddenly i had a idea. the idea is to write a blog and share with my lovely and beautiful friends but once again i had a problem the problem is, i don,t know how  to use blogger i used to search on you tube how to use blogger and how to make blogs. there are lots of videos which tells me about blogger but i love to watch sunjive kumar and bili 4 u  who told very deeply about  blogging. so after learning and watching there videos today i make my blogs spot account and able to write and connect with my lovely friends this is the reason behind why i am going to write or use blogging. I hope you like it and help to make me courageous to tell my life stories with you
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