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How to overcome from Breakup

How to overcome Breakup

what is break up:

Break up means 'full stop in relation' it may be any relation.But we are going to talk about your girlfriend or Boyfriend who broke your heart into
pieces. who broke your heart on whom you even want to lost you soul or life or every thing. i am going to tell you some steps or tips to overcome from this breakup
because same thing happened with me. i was in a relationship and i want to get relief from my pain of being broke up with her or him. so i am going to discus some tips
with you which help you to overcome and come out from this painful thing.

1. Be busy:

when a person is busy for all time he has no time for thinking something else or irrelevant thing. He just think about the work which he has been doing.
so the most important tip to overcome breakup or get out from breakup is to get busy.Involves in new things which makes you busy all time.

2. Make new friends:

when we make new friends we have a suspense to know about them. and we feel happy with them. when we make new friends one of them come to much near
and near to heart. And sometimes we forget our past or our breakup and fall in love with her or him. so this is very important thing is to make new friends and
sit in new gathering of people.

3.Burn all his things:

when something is front of you. this thing brings his or her thoughts or when nothing is in front of you then nothing will come in your thoughts
when ever i get breakup with someone i firstly burn or destroy all his or her things which brings her or his thoughts. so if you want to get rid to want to get out from
breakup then burn all his things.

4.Talk with trusted person:

when a person talk with a person who trust you and you trust on him, and you know that he his corporate with you in every situation. So tell him
about your current situation and about your breakup.He will definitely tolerate with you and help you to come out from this situation. so talk with someone who is
trusted is very helpful to overcome from breakup

5. Say yes to every social invitation:

     It is very important for you to say yes to every social invitation. when you meat new people or go in new places you forget
your past little by little and when you got inspire from someone you may be fall in love with a person from whom you actually inspire or may be he or she is better for

6.change your way to home or office:

you should have to change your way to your office or home because maybe she or he will again come in front of you and again his or her
remembrance come you fall in hurt. 

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