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How to deal with depression(top 5 tips)

what is depression?

The question is that what is depression? depression is a physical problem or mental problem? The first thing we should have to know,
is depression always come from physical unbalanced thing which cause mental illness and we feel not good. The actual thing is that when we are in depression
our thinking sense lost to do work. we want to suicide or want to finish our life. we want to to get rid from it, and we don't know how to deal with it. Depression
is worldwide a big disease and thousand or lakhs of people are become victim of it and lost their life, every day lots of students commit suicide due to depression.
Here i am to tell you some tips and symptoms of depression from which if you follow it easily come out of depression or help others.

symptoms of depressions:

  • Feeling helpless or hopeless
  • Sleep changes
  • Lost interest in daily activities
  • Appetite or weight gain
  •  Anger 
  • Self loathing
  • Loose energy

These are some symptoms not all but few.if you are facing these situation or one of them situation you definitely in depression, and trying to come out of it. Now i am
going to show you or discus you the most useful and helpful ways how to deal with the depression and how to overcome from depression.

1.Take control or ownership of yourself:

This is the first thing and this is most important thing, control yourself by your own. we are not in our control, we are in others
hand. if someone want to you in red clothes and you wear it. if you not wear and they not like you, you went into depression. so if you want to deal with depression or
want to get rid from depression, stop pleasing others accept yourself in a geniun  way And as well as like yourself.

2.Forget past

if you really want to deal with depression and wants to get rid from depression then you should have to forget your past. when you totally forget your
past you just like a new born baby, who don't know what is depression and what is failure and so on. A new born baby just enjoys his life no matter how many times
he fell down or he does not care how many people make fun of him or even not matter how many he fails. so if you want  to deal with depression you should have to totally
forget your past.

3.Be Fearless:

when you don't care what people think about you. when you don't care how many times you fail. when you don't care what you wear and what type of food
you eat. when you don't care about people opinions you become fearless like an eagle. And when you become fearless and you will automatically get rid from depression
or easily overcome depression

4.stop overthinking:

when a person thinks a lot  about him, and a thinking which has no connections with reality and has no grounds he will automatically fell into depression
.And if you want to overcome the depression and wants to deal with depression you should have to stop overthinking. you should think just about the present and as well
as focus on that thing which you owns which is in your ownership.Those things bring depression which is not for us or out or reality or circumstance.

5. Accept Reality

This is most important thing which is accept the reality. Those who understand the reality or knows what the reality is. they are not in depression.
if you don't understand the reality and live in their dreams and when their dreams not come true he fell into depression. so if you want to deal with depression and
want to overcome depression then accept reality.

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