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How to be confident (top 5 tips)

How to be confident

In this article I am going to tell you some most useful and helpful tips how to be confident in every situation. This is very useful for every age of persons. Confidence come when we able to know ourselves and not compare our self. so i am going to discuss how to be confident

1.  Accept yourself

this the most useful and benefitail tip how to be confidence in every situation. when any person
considered himself as he is. And accept himself  he will be automatically the most  important thing to get confidence is to accept yourself

2. Don't compare yourself with anyone

“Don’t compare yourself to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.”- Regina Bret

This is the most 2nd important thing how to be confident not compare yourself with anyone. you are the best and  unique in your own way. No one in the world are best as  you are in yourself. so if you compare you never ever become confident so if you want to get confidence you should not compare

3.Appreciate yourself

This is the 3rd best tip how to be confident. when you  appreciate yourself you automatically be confident because appreciation always bring happiness and happiness bring 

4.Visualize Your Success

visualization your success is the best way to get confidence. when you remember your past achievements and visualized your success then 
automatically you get confidence so this is very helpful.

5.positive attitude

Remember always positive attitude attracted positive people. positive attitude always bring happiness and happiness bring confidence so if
you want to be confident then you should have to be positive attitude. And positive thinking.

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